Thursday, September 12, 2013

Screencasting Saves Crafters Time, Confusion with Die-Cutting Tools

I am so excited about this I could just burst!!

I have been participating in a software review program for Techsmith using the Camtasia Studio software (which I absolutely love by the way) and now that the program is complete I can now share that I was a part of it with all of you, my blog readers. It was a fantastic program and I learned SO much through it. I have already told the wonderful Techsmith staff that if they ever need anyone to test absolutely any of their software in the future that I am definitely on board. From my experiences dealing with the staff there throughout the program I can honestly say that if I lived local to them I would be taking in my resume to apply to work there. :)

Now, although I am excited to have gotten the opportunity to have participated in the review program that's NOT why I am over the moon excited...

So what is the reason for my excitement you ask?? 
Well, that would be because of this post here -->Screencasting Saves Crafters Time, Confusion with Die-Cutting Tools over on the Customer Stories section of the Techsmith website. 

While I was participating in the program, the Techsmith staff noticed my links in my email signature and went and checked them out. They saw what I was using their software for and thought it was pretty neat. Kelly asked if she could send my info to Will, their "customer story guy". I was completely taken aback. Really?? YOU want to send MY info to the customer story guy?? Wow!! ABSOLUTELY!! I replied of course. :)

Now, I honestly figured the customer story guy was going to ask me to email him a review of their product so he could feature it on the side bar of their website as one of those customer testimonials you always see on companies websites... so imagine my surprise when he asked if he could call me. I was even more surprised when he called and had a genuine interest in what I do and had actually talked to a few of his crafter friends who were happy to have found my videos through him. It would be an absolute understatement to say that I was a nervous wreck through the whole conversation while relaying info about me to him, and every time he took more interest or continued to ask more questions when we had already been on the phone for almost an hour I can tell you my stomach had happy little butterflies and I was having a very hard time containing my excitement.

The program ended and I received a "draft" of what was to be Will Verchereau's post on the customer story blog section of the website. I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor to be quite honest. I wrote him back immediately to tell him I wanted to hire him as my personal publicist.

Now, after all was approved he took the time to send me an email to let me know the post was live and to offer his support with any questions regarding their software or anything else pertaining to Techsmith I might have at any time. Can you tell I'm still a little star struck from a wonderful company like Techsmith featuring little me on their website?? Woot woot!!!!!

Now.. if I haven't completely bored you senseless with my post PLEASE go check out Will's fabulous post HERE and while you're there go read some of the other customer stories as they are truly interesting stories and who knows you might just find some very helpful sites like I did.

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