Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flowers flowers everywhere!!

Just thought I'd show a little assortment of the 3D flowers from the new Art Philosophy cartridge (of course). These are spiral flowers meaning they cut out as a spiral (like the ones shown around the flowers) then you simply roll them up and glue them down on the little circle in the center.

SUPER easy!!
Oh and the brown and ivory speckled ones?? Yup, they're cut from MATERIAL!! I simply stiffened my fabric (an old curtain that was kicking around from one of my DHs uncles or his Dads room as a kid it has antique cars pictured on it but I just cut in between them for the mist part) with "Stiffy" fabric stiffener. You just paint it on. I let it dry overnight and then cut it out.
I use painters tape to tape anything other than cardstock down to my may around the edges to make sure it doesn't shift.
Only had to do a multicut of 2, and I just used a regular blade. Didn't even bother to slow the speed down either. :)

Don't forget you can order this cartridge from me here:

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  1. wow those flowers are fantastic. I don't have a cricut. I wonder if I am tricky enough to create one of these on my craft robo. They just look divine.


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