Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Up a creek without a paddle???

Sorry couldn't resist about the title. ;)
I got a call last night asking if I could cut some letters to go on a canoe paddle as a goodbye gift for a good friend of mines boss.
Usually easy peasy but of course he wanted to put it on a sanded paddle and then varnish over it a few coats so it would stand up to regular use... Oh and needed it totally finished to give to his boss on Wednesday which meant he dropped it off on his way to work and needed to pick it up on the way home. I also was already committed with a meeting with my CTMH upline from 930-11am and did I mention I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 week old as well. Lol
Still not really a problem until I realized the logistics of putting paper letters on it (since I already knew I was out of vinyl). I do this all the time but normally I just cut it "flipped" weed out what I don't want leaving my words backwards on the cutting mat, apply glue and lay my project over it and press it on.
Well... Can't really do that with a canoe paddle because I wanted absolute perfect letter placement and you can't "trim" a paddle to square it up again. Lol

Luck for me I found some left over chalkboard vinyl from a previous project. EXACTLY enough to do it.... No pressure but only one chance to cut it right!!! Lol
Good thing this friend of mine is awesome!!! He has done so much for me, especially when my DH was away on trips (he's in the navy). Him and his wife have become our closest friends over the last few years.
Anyways, in the end it turned out fantastic!!! The company logo is a sticker he had that he gave me a couple of when he dropped off the paddle. It cut just the right size the very first time and picked up and laid down perfect... Phew!!!! It's now sitting by the front door awaiting him for when he gets off work. :)
I will post more pictures after he varnishes it too. :)
What do you think?

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