Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday card for my mom

So my moms birthday was in March... So I'm really late posting this and honestly hadn't realized I didn't yet until a coworker of mine who I had shown the pictures of it went looking for it here to see it again, couldn't find it and asked me to see it again. Oops.
I promise to get better at this whole posting thing... Really!!! Lol
I bought this cut file but I won't tell you where as I wasn't impressed... This end result is only after countless hours tweaking the file!!! The round part was jagged at first and the doors didn't match up perfectly and the part that goes between the front and back to give it dimension well... After cutting 5 or 6 then manually cutting them amd gluing sections of them and UGH now I remember why I didn't post this... By the time I finished it I just had no desire to look at it any more to write the post!

Well, in the end after all my fixing I was very happy with the result!!

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  1. Gorgeous card, good seeing you posting again, hugs, Lori m


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