Friday, May 6, 2011

Next class scheduled

Just an update on the cricut classes.
The next class is scheduled for May 28 @ 1pm at Carousel Rubber Stamps in Dartmouth. This will be the absolute beginner one again for those that missed it.

Also for the extra advanced people out there I have received a copy of Fairycuts software to teach those who might be interested. I Wouldve taught MTC or SCAL but MTC is no longer available for the cricut and SCAL is probably not around much longer for it. I currently use another program for my other cutters called Funtime and it is an almost identical program to fairycuts and I LOVE it!! Very user friendly, lots of features, tutorials, etc etc etc. If you were looking to get a 3rd party software I would suggest doing it sooner rather than layer as provocraft I'm sure will be suing fairycuts before we know it as well. A warning for it though, it is not sanctioned by provocraft which means if they win their lawsuits and those 3rd party softwares are taken off the market you will probably run into problems if you update your cricut firmware downthe road (which you need to do if you use Design Studio of the soon to be released cricut craft room as new cartridges come out and you want to use them withthe cricut programs or they wont show up in the programs). If you're not concerned about the ability to use new cartridges as they get released with the cricut software (you will still be able to use them in the machine alone) then you won't have any issues.

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