Monday, February 14, 2011

Fathers Day (last year)

Wow... I am SO behind in posting.. I just actually decided not to post a whole pile of cards... along with any other cards that I did in classes (in other words not my original designs) which means right off the bat there are probable 20 or more cards in the last couple months... and they are stunning! Perhaps if I lack in blog posts at a later date I'll come back and post them. haha
Anyways.. these were made for Fathers day last year. I made 3 of them. One each for DH, FIL and my step-father. The bottle is totally Melanie Muenchingers idea and she had posted how to do it. I used a starbucks frappucino bottle for one and a couple of bath salt bottles from the dollar store that I took the bath salts out of and re-purposed the bottle for this. It is the coolest thing!!!!! I must say though that if you spill baby oil all over your laminate floor it is NOT fun to clean up!! haha

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